EBR offers balers for cardboard, plastic, foam and other bulky materials such as carpet and carpet underlay.

EBR supply the ORWAK range, which is a durable, high quality Swedish brand with excellent safety features. ORWAK specialises in top-loading, dual chamber balers. EBR can also service and supply parts and strapping for clients with existing or new ORWAK machines in NSW.

Compaction ratio

We offer ORWAK balers that have a compaction ratio of between 70% and 80%.

Rental options

We offer ORWAK balers for rental in periods of 12 or 24 months, or longer term if required.


Cardboard – Orwak 5070 and 5010E
Glass – Bottlecycler
General waste – Bagcompactor


Cardboard, Foam, Plastics  – Orwak 5070 and 5010ETOM smartbins


Cardboard – Orwak 5070TOM smartbins


Cardboard, Plastics, Other – Orwak 5070 and 9020

Models available for Rental


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