The ORWAK Difference

Orwak balers are a quality Scandinavian brand with excellent safety features and a very durable design.

Orwak is innovative.

The latest models all have connectivity features, telling the operator online what the status is of the baler and the material processed. See under specials, the TOM smartbin and the Power series.

Orwak balers are toploading.

The classic successful balers in the 5070 series are multi-chamber balers that are loaded from the top. The presshead slides sideways to the designated chamber and while it goes through a compaction cycle the other chamber can be filled. The convenience and efficiency this creates makes the Orwak an excellent workhorse. Just add more chambers if you want to separate materials and/or work simultaneously.

Orwak operation is safe and easy.

A single operating switch controls the compaction and safety switches on doors and hydraulics section prevent the machine from running under any circumstances if maintenance is conducted.

Orwak is low maintenance.

The hydraulics design is effective and very durable. A yearly check is sufficient.

ORWAK Balers and Waste Compactors

We are proud to present our comprehensive product portfolio of waste compactors and balers that meet the demands of waste handling across multiple market segments. Our reliable, quiet and sophisticated compaction systems are designed to work for you! The range is divided into several product families based on similarities in design and functions.

Compacting Know-How

Orwak offers solutions for effective compaction of many different types of waste material. Due to the high compaction ratio large volumes of loose waste are rapidly turned into neat and compact bales. You find a few examples of the compaction results for the most common types of material in the menu.

A world leader in compaction

Orwak is a world leader in compaction and baling solutions for solid waste materials at the source.

Turning Waste Into Value

Orwak provides solutions for sorting and recycling waste materials that improve business efficiency, contribute to a cleaner working and natural environment; generating the best total waste handling economy.

We offer an innovative range of compactors, baling and briquetting systems that promotes sorting at source and makes waste management more profitable. From pre-sales advice, through the selection process to after sales support, we take care of our customers all the way.

Made in Sweden

Orwak’s headquarters and modern production facility are located in Sweden, where we have been designing and manufacturing waste compactors and balers since 1971. We have built an extensive worldwide network of representatives, allowing us to establish a local presence in many of the countries where our systems are installed.